Intact Service Centres: Improving the customer experience

Date May 17, 2023

2022 saw many company-wide accomplishments, including the recently launched Intact Service Centres, which improve the customer experience by offering a fast, simple, and quality experience for car repairs, exclusively to our Intact, belairdirect, RSA, Johnson and National Bank customers.

With eleven new locations created in 2022 across Ontario, Alberta and Quebec, we are improving the claims experience by creating convenient options for handling car repairs. Customers will enjoy a one-stop shop auto repair experience when they drop off their damaged vehicle and will always receive priority service. Working with some of the best certified repair shops in the Intact Rely Network, coupled with our 30-minute claims guarantee, and our digital claims submission and tracking tools, we’re ensuring that our commitment to the customer experience also helps to transform our competitive claims advantage within the market.

At Intact, one of our goals is to have three out of four customers as our advocates. Our claims service is at the heart of our promise, and we are always there for our customers, helping them get back on track. By providing a second-to-none claims experience, we’re ensuring that our customers remain satisfied and engaged.

In 2023 we will continue to build on our investment in the claims experience by increasing the number of service centres.

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