Our Impact

Climate Resilience | $25 million

Supporting 100+ climate adaptation projects since 2009

Economic Resilience | $15 million

Donated to 46 charities since 2017, to create opportunities for children and families living in poverty

Community Well-Being | $2.5 million

In matched employee giving contributions since 2017

Climate Resilience

As part of our commitment to climate, and our desire to help our society and our customers, we understand the importance of ensuring our most vulnerable and climate affected communities are resilient. Learn more about what we, alongside our partner organizations, are doing.

Economic Resilience

We work with expert partners to create opportunities for children and families living in poverty. We focus on activating local solutions across three key areas:

  • Education and economic resilience
  • Employment and financial inclusion
  • Food poverty, health, and wellbeing

Community Well-being

Being active in communities is a core part of our business. We enable and encourage our employees to give back to their local communities and support causes they care about. Our employees contribute to community-based organizations and initiatives through:

Charitable donations


Matched funding

Social Impact and ESG Performance and Disclosure

As a purpose-driven business, Social Impact and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) has been integral to our strategy since our inception. Our ESG priorities support our outperformance and create long-term value for our stakeholders.

Check out our reports and policies to learn more about our key Social Impact and ESG priorities and how we’re helping to build a more resilient future.

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Climate Strategy

Our climate is rapidly changing. We've been on the front lines with our customers in managing the increasing impacts of severe weather for more than a decade. We’ve developed a plan that uses our expertise, resources, and scale to address both sides of climate change – mitigation and adaptation.

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Intact Stories

Our People
Community Well-being
‘Tis the season for giving back, and while at Intact our mission year-round is to help others, we wanted to share some heart-warming stories of the creative ways our people have seized the chance to make a difference and help people, together.

icon-calendar Dec 19, 2023

A bog or a peatland by any other name is just a wetland. To help build climate resilient communities, we’re helping protect one of Canada’s last great natural peatlands in the greater Quebec City area!

icon-calendar Oct 10, 2023

What's the financial value of a wetland that soaks up stormwater and maintains good water quality for a community? Or trees that offer shade to reduce urban heat and maintain good air quality? According to Canada's accounting rules, the answer is currently zero.

icon-calendar May 17, 2023

Imagine a school ground without concrete or asphalt. A school ground that absorbs heavy rainfall to mitigate flooding and provides shade to combat heat. A school ground that is intentionally designed to adapt to the impacts of climate change. In short, a school ground that is climate ready!

icon-calendar May 17, 2023

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