Supporting Climate Adaptation

We have been focused on building society’s capacity for resilience since our inception as Intact and have helped bring to life more than 100 projects across Canada. We are doubling down on climate adaptation by investing heavily in support of projects that protect people and our communities.

Our Impact

$10 million+

Committed in resources to help accelerate the Intact Centre’s critical leading practices.

$8 million

Invested to conserve and restore Canada’s wetlands.

$25 million

Committed to over 100 projects in Canada since 2009.

Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation Partnership

The Intact Centre is our signature partnership with the University of Waterloo, focused on climate adaptation. Through applied research it provides practical guidance for communities, governments, homeowners and businesses, to identify, and reduce the impacts of extreme weather and climate change.

For practical guidance on how to reduce the impacts of extreme heat, flooding and wildfire, see the Intact Centre Climate-Ready Infographics.

Nature Conservancy of Canada Partnership

In 2022 we announced a new five-year partnership with the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) to double down on helping with climate adaptation. NCC is Canada’s leader in accelerating the conservation and stewardship of nature to deliver long-lasting results of global significance.

Through this partnership, we have committed $8 million to:

Conserve and restore more of Canada's threatened wetlands, which are critically important carbon sinks and provide communities with natural defense in the face of climate change.

Undertake a process to develop a made-in-Canada protocol for wetland-based carbon offsets, which will be made available for use by international standards bodies.

Translate the protocol into a sustainable finance tool for use in Canada.

Adaptation Grant Partners

Through our granting programs, Intact is helping communities adapt to the effects of climate change and protect people from floods, wildfires and extreme heat. Our partners are exploring real, concrete solutions to make our communities, our people and our economy more resilient.

Learn more about the work our partners are doing.

Intact Stories

A bog or a peatland by any other name is just a wetland. To help build climate resilient communities, we’re helping protect one of Canada’s last great natural peatlands in the greater Quebec City area!

icon-calendar Oct 10, 2023

What's the financial value of a wetland that soaks up stormwater and maintains good water quality for a community? Or trees that offer shade to reduce urban heat and maintain good air quality? According to Canada's accounting rules, the answer is currently zero.

icon-calendar May 17, 2023

Imagine a school ground without concrete or asphalt. A school ground that absorbs heavy rainfall to mitigate flooding and provides shade to combat heat. A school ground that is intentionally designed to adapt to the impacts of climate change. In short, a school ground that is climate ready!

icon-calendar May 17, 2023

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