Social Impact and ESG Performance & Disclosure

We are a purpose-driven company based on Values and a belief that insurance is about people, not things. We believe that financial performance and helping society are equally important. We have integrated both into our strategic objectives and embedded Social Impact and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) into our business.

Social Impact & ESG Report

Who we are and how we work ground us. People are at the heart of our organization and our success. How we do things is just as important as what we achieve. How we execute Social Impact and ESG dimensions is detailed throughout our Social Impact Report, starting with the areas where we can have the greatest impact and that are aligned to our strategy.

Financial Reports and Filings


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Our ESG Strategy

Climate Strategy

We're serious about climate change. We thrive at finding the intersections between helping society and winning in the marketplace. Our climate strategy has five big intentions. Our commitments are ambitious and collaborative – and they will help us drive concrete action. Learn more.

In the Community

We’re focused on building resilience. That means helping society and our customers adapt to the impacts of climate change and creating opportunities for children and families living in poverty. Learn more.


We have set high ethical and compliance principles to promote integrity, respect, a customer-driven mentality, excellence, and generosity. Learn more.