Board and Leadership

The Board of Directors and Executive Team live out IFC's strong governance, purpose and Values - promoting integrity, respect, a customer-driven mentality, excellence and generosity. These Values shape our activities globally and guide all employees at Intact in our decision-making on a daily basis.


The Board of Directors and Management of the Company consider corporate governance and sound market practices to be essential components of its operations and integral in achieving the Company’s objective of enhancing value for its shareholders and in ensuring the Company’s long-term viability.

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Board Mandates and Committees

Explore our Board Mandates and Committees.

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Learn more about our policies on Shareholder Engagement and Director Independence, and our Advance Notice By-law.

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Constating Documents

Risk Appetite

Intact is here to protect our clients by assuming risks that they face in their everyday lives. Our commitment is to ensure the sustainability of our activities while delivering on our promises to our stakeholders.

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