About this Brand Book

This document provides information on how to use the Intact Financial Corporation graphic identity. It is designed to be used as a reference document. Any visual communication materials produced for these brands must be consistent with the standards contained in this document.

Every time we share our brand visually with a consumer, a customer, a broker, an employee or an investor, we have an important opportunity to demonstrate our strong sense of identity. When a brand is consistent in how it presents itself over time, people learn to recognize it, and just as importantly, trust it.

Following the instructions in these guidelines will contribute to building our brands. Together we are building world class brands, recognized and respected worldwide, so it is important to avoid inconsistencies that can have a negative effect on how people perceive us.
Brand standards should always be followed and variations should not be allowed regardless of any materials you see.

Also note that these guidelines may evolve over time to reflect changes with our brands.

If you require guidance or have additional questions when developing communication material, please send your questions to

What is a Brand?

It is a common perception to think that a brand is simply the logo because it is the most visible representation. However, a brand is a promise.
It is the promise and expectations held by consumers about a company, product or service. It is also associated with a feeling, a perception or an emotion.

Building our brand means communicating our message and our brand values to brokers, customers, consumers and employees effectively so they connect emotionally with our business.
Branding is based on consistently rewarding the people's confidence and delivering the expected emotional response.

The benefits of having a strong brand, a brand that is consistent, are numerous:

  • Repetition builds awareness and understanding
  • Consistent presentation avoids confusion
  • Consistency strengthens our legal position
  • Consistency provides cost efficiency
  • Consistency reinforces the brand promise.

The Importance of Trademarks and Brand Standards

A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol or design, or a combination of words, phrases, symbols or designs, that identifies and distinguishes the goods and services of one business from those of others. It includes logos and designs, word marks, slogans, etc.

The reason we register these as trademarks is to prevent consumer confusion as to the source of products or services. At Intact, we believe that we can all contribute to keeping our marks strong by ensuring that all the efforts invested in building our brand will not be taken by another company. A trademark is only legally strong if its use is consistent: colour, graphics, size and alignment. It is our responsibility to follow best standard practices.

To protect our brand and trademarks, as a standard practice, always:

  • Use the logos made available on this web page
    Never re-use a logo from another source
  • Validate the trademark registration covers your country before using the logo
  • Insert Copyright Notice on all communication pieces – Copyright Notice is provided by Legal Services
  • Have the communication pieces reviewed by both Marketing and Legal experts
  • If a logo is needed by vendors/suppliers, request that this external partner sign a Letter of Authorization – the logo and logo guidelines are provided by a Marketing expert
  • If a logo is needed by a broker, request that the brokers sign a Trademarks Usage Agreement
  • Provide signed copies back to Legal Services
  • Have all logo applications reviewed by a Marketing expert.

If you require guidance or have additional questions when developing communication material, please send your questions to