Colour Palette

Colour palette 1

R30 G30 B30

Colour palette 2

R198 G12 B48
C0 M100 Y75 K4

Colour palette 3

R0 G179 B190
C94 M0 Y30 K0

The Intact Financial Corporation colour palette consists of three primary colours: black, red and teal. This unique combination of colours contributes to the brand's distinct visual identity.

Solid Black: the foundation of the brand

Red Energy: the energy of the brand, a nod to its Canadian heritage, the health of the company

Teal: the optimism and future forward promise of the brand

Ambient White: the context that brings all the elements together

Extending the colour palette

Extending the colour palette

The colour palette can be extended using different opacities. Black and teal can use all the different opacities to complement the solid colours. Red however is limited to lights shades (from 10% to 20%).

Darker shades

To increase contrast, black shades can be added to the teal and red. Black shades cannot exceed 20% in opacity.