Why I donate : A few dollars a month can help make someone's life better

Date October 8, 2021

The Community Impact program gives employees the flexibility to choose how and where they give, in ways that are meaningful to them. It’s one way we live our value of generosity.

We don’t often think about logic and empathy working together. But for Oyinda Adebayo, an underwriter in Commercial Lines in Toronto, her logical mind helps her make the biggest impact on her community.

A couple of years ago, Oyinda knew she wanted to help people who couldn’t afford the food they needed to thrive. “I was in a position to ask myself: What can I do to help make someone’s life better?” she says. But she also wanted to make sure that every dollar she donated was being managed in the best way possible.

After some online research, she found the Fort York Food Bank. The charity ensures 97 per cent of donations goes to the people who need it most.

“There are other foodbanks closer to where I live, but Fort York Food Bank is doing the best work,” she says.

And being logical, she knew it would be easier to make smaller monthly donations rather than one large donation at the end of the year. “I do a monthly budget and my donation to the food bank is included in that budget,” she says.

Those smaller monthly donations add up, but Oyinda was shocked to find out the Community Impact program could help her make an even bigger impact by doubling her donations. “My mind was blown. For me, it’s even more of an encouragement to give back. The little you give goes a long way because the company is adding to it.”

Living our value of generosity

Our value of generosity guides us to care for people and find ways to help – whether that’s by giving our time, financial resources, or sharing our talents. Through the Community Impact program, the Intact Foundation amplifies employees’ generosity by matching donations dollar for dollar or donating $20 for every hour they volunteer, to a combined maximum of $1,000 per year.

“Generosity goes beyond just giving money,” says Oyinda. “Generosity is about taking the focus off oneself. It’s about realizing this person or group needs me and asking myself how I can help them.”

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