What does generosity mean to you?

Date November 18, 2021

Helping people drives everything we do at Intact. Our value of generosity enables us to help others and make our communities more resilient.

As we kick off our annual Generosity in Action campaign, check out why some of our colleagues across the country are passionate about helping their communities.

Michael Ackerman

Dartmouth, NS. 

Why I give: We’re beyond fortunate compared to many people who lost their jobs, struggled to make ends meet and are relying on government assistance. We need to show compassion for others in need, donating your personal time or money can go a long way in making the lives of someone in your community better. Opening my heart and wallet is the least I can do

Nathalie Giroux

Québec, QC 

Why I give: So many people have to deal with the kind of challenges children should never have to face — like physical and mental health issues, or not always having enough to eat. I give to do my part in helping people and communities solve these challenges and I encourage everyone to participate.

Stephane Drouin

Montreal, QC

Why I give: A lot of organizations are doing great work supporting families and children, and I want them to be able to keep this work going. So, I contribute to this effort and I invite others to do the same. Let’s be generous; it really does everyone a lot of good.

Luma Hsan
Durham-Ajax, ON

Why I give : I give because I want to help others - giving is not just about money but you can give by your time, ideas and positivity. Giving connects people together and helps build stronger communities.  
Corinne Wyatt 
Winnipeg, MB

Why I give : I love being able to help people who are in need, it makes me happy to help where I can.
Yael Apt-Hubner 
Vancouver, BC

Why I give : I believe that even the smallest contributions can help build a better tomorrow. There's nothing better than knowing you have the ability to positively impact someone's life. 

Sarah Silva

Intact Public Entities 

Why I give : I believe we have a responsibility to make the world a better place for the generations that follow; that you should always help those in need when you can; and that I have a duty to demonstrate these beliefs through my actions.  

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