Donations help Calgary Meals on Wheels serve more customers in need

Date June 17, 2020

Our donation means more people can access nutritious food at an affordable price.

Once the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Calgary Meals on Wheels saw an immediate increase in demand.

“We saw the increase right away,” says Robyn Weatherly, Marketing and Communications Coordinator for Calgary Meals on Wheels.

“Not only from individuals but also our partnering agencies when their ability to access food for their clients was interrupted. We were making so many meals that we actually had to hire a new team of production workers. We were working weekends, which we never do, just to get the food produced.”

But while the need increased, so too did the support. “The generosity has been overwhelming,” says Robyn.

Thanks to funding from the community, including $25,000 from Intact, Calgary Meals on Wheels was able to launch a relief program that offers up to 50 per cent off the regular price of a meal for people affected by the pandemic.

“If their life has been altered by the pandemic, they qualify for the relief program,” says Robyn. That could include lost income or suddenly having to care for a family member or working from home with children.

Who uses Meals on Wheels?

The typical Meals on Wheels client might surprise you because there is no typical client. Anyone, at any stage of life, can access nutritious and affordable food through Meals on Wheels.

“At Meals on Wheels, we believe everyone deserves to be well fed,” says Robyn. “Our clients are from any age group and any income level. They are students who might not be able to access nutritious food while on campus. They are single moms having trouble accessing nutritious food with a baby at home. And they are older adults and people with disabilities.”

Intact’s community relief efforts

As part of Intact’s COVID-19 relief efforts, we have donated over $180,000 to Meals on Wheels in various cities across Canada. As part of that partnership, we have also offered our elderly customers in certain cities five free meals from Meals on Wheels. Learn more about the employees who helped our customers.

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