Why I volunteer: A few hours can change someone’s life

Date September 24, 2021

Intact’s Community Impact program gives employees the flexibility to choose how and where they give, in ways that are meaningful to them. It’s one way we live our value of generosity.

One in five women in Canada experience a form of abuse in their spousal relationship. And one woman or girl is killed every 2.5 days, most often by an intimate partner, according to the Canadian Femicide Observatory for Justice and Accountability.

When Angela Moreshead, Manager of Corporate Personal Lines in Halifax, heard these shocking statistics, she knew she wanted to help.

She generously gave her time to Shelter Movers, a charity that helps survivors of domestic violence. The national charity makes all the arrangements to move and store survivors’ belongings securely, helping them transition to a better, safer life.

“To walk away is so difficult and to have to start over, potentially with nothing, is unbearable,” says Angela. “To have someone else come in and coordinate everything for them can have such a significant impact. It only takes a few hours of my time, and it completely changes someone’s life.”

More women need help during the pandemic

During the pandemic, there’s been an increased need for Shelter Movers’ help. In July, the Halifax chapter of the charity completed a record number of moves and expanded to other parts of the province.

Since February 2020, Angela has volunteered 198 hours and helped with 33 moves. “There was one move when I was overwhelmed. I thought ‘There’s no way we can move all of this’ and we even had to bring in some extra help,” she says.

When they arrived at the new location and unloaded a little pink shopping cart, the client’s daughter ran up to them. “She was overjoyed that she had her favourite toy back. Her getting her little cart just made her day and it was all worth it.”

More than time

Our value of generosity drives our efforts to care for people and find ways to help – whether that’s by giving our time, financial resources, or sharing our talent. Through the Community Impact program, the Intact Foundation matches employees’ donations dollar for dollar or $20 for every hour they volunteer. It’s one way we live our Value of generosity.

“I’m proud to tell people I work for Intact. That donation helps the charity continue to help more people because the need is always there,” says Angela.

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