More than 400 clients of ING Insurance affected by Hurricane Juan in Nova Scotia and PEI

Date September 30, 2003
According to Dennis Furlong, President of the Atlantic Division of ING Canada, the insurance company has been able to continue operating despite the closure of their Halifax Office following a power failure. We have been providing 24/7 service thanks to the efforts of our Ottawa and Moncton Offices where calls from our clients have been automatically redirected. Through these offices, ING is coordinating the activities of more than 40 employees as well as its Halifax-based adjusters. Furthermore, 9 other field adjusters are currently on their way from New-Brunswick and other provinces. In the event that the local office reopens tomorrow, another 60 people will be able to receive calls from ING customers.

ING hopes to be able to process all the claims in the next few days. However, access to the houses of many of its clients has been impeded due to debris on the roads and streets. ING customers can access the company at any time by dialing (902) 420-1732 or 1 888 542-3333 after regular office hours for emergency claims.

According to Furlong, preliminary estimates show that damages to ING Insurance clients will amount to more than $5 million.

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