ING Canada sponsors rally team for « Trophée Aïcha des Gazelles 2002 »

Date March 4, 2002
The Strategic Gazelle was well-informed, and it was she who had first learned of the Rallye des Gazelles. She told her friend about it, and the Energetic Gazelle jumped up and down with excitement, as well she might. Their shared goal: to experience an adventure combining physical and mental stamina, a test where strategic decisions and skilful navigation would make all the difference. Our two gazelles recruited a Lion Protector - ING, one of the world's strongest financial institutions - as their lead sponsor. As the essential complement for such a major journey, they were joined by BELAIRdirect Travel Insurance, as associate sponsor, and its partner CanAm Insurance as a supporting sponsor.

And so it was that the five partners made their plans, readied equipment and compasses, began rigorous training, took possession of a magnificent ORANGE vehicle, and officially became Team ING, team No. 20 in the 2002 edition of the Trophée Aïcha des Gazelles.

Now for some introductions: here are the five partners who make up Team No. 20, Team ING:

The Strategic Gazelle: Chantal Vézina - Driver

Born in Montréal, 32-year-old Chantal Vézina has an 8-year-old son and lives in the North-central Montréal district of Villeray. An ING employee since 1995, Chantal now works as a Human Resources Consultant in ING Canada's Québec Region, mainly with ING Commerce Group. Her recreational activities include swimming, mountain biking, Oriental and flamenco dancing, downhill skiing - and meditation, but also - and most importantly - backpacking in the Mediterranean (Greece, France, Spain, etc.). As you can see, Chantal loves a challenge. That's the main reason she joined the Rallye des Gazelles. To ensure a strong performance, she has taken specialized courses in auto mechanics, driving, orientation and compass-reading, as well as an intensive regimen of cardiovascular training designed to build up her stamina for the rally.

The Energetic Gazelle: Ghislaine Beaucage - Navigator

Ghislaine Beaucage, 42, was born in Montréal and now lives in the East-end Rivière-des-Prairies district of Montréal. She has an 18-year-old son. Ghislaine has worked for ING since 1999, and is a Human Resources Consultant with BELAIRdirect. She enjoys swimming, hiking in the mountains, aerobic dance and reading, but especially traveling - to Tunisia and Latin America (Guatemala, Ecuador, Belize, Colombia, etc.). Her love of adventure, obvious from her recreational activities, is the main reason she signed up for the Rallye des Gazelles. To make herself a peerless team member, she has taken courses in topography, compass-reading, 4x4 driving and mechanics. Enthusiastic, very dynamic, very, very good-humoured, yet methodical, this Energetic Gazelle loves big projects and could just as truly be called the Leaping Gazelle!

The Lion Protector: ING

ING Canada is a member of Amsterdam-based ING Group, one of the top 20 financial institutions in the world, with assets of over $900 billion and some 115,000 employees working in 67 countries. ING is the largest property and casualty insurer in Canada, serving more than 4 million Canadian customers directly and through a network of over two thousand independent brokerages. ING also provides a variety of innovative investment products and banking services. Doing business with ING means dealing with a leader in financial services, a company whose size, stability, and expert employees guarantee its customers' security. ING is a worldwide economic powerhouse with a presence in the heart of the community. At ING, every customer, large or small, receives our full attention. For more information, please visit

The essential complement: BELAIRdirect Travel Insurance

Because our health insurance card doesn't cover everything! Even if you only make a single trip out of the province or country in a year, accidents can still happen. BELAIRdirect lets you travel with peace of mind, with insurance that covers the following in case of emergency: medical expenses, air or land ambulance transportation, emergency dental care expenses, cost of returning your vehicle, airfare home, family transportation expenses, and much more. BELAIRdirect travel insurance is 24/7 coverage for the whole family! For more information, visit their web site:

A partner of distinction: CanAm Insurance

CanAm is a specialty risk insurance agency and a recognized innovator in travel health and drug insurance. Since 1999, CanAm has worked with BELAIRdirect to offer the best products at the lowest possible rates. Together, they give BELAIRdirect customers the best services on the market.

Team ING Gazelles: strategy, energy, performance, protection and service!

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