Mr. Russell is a pioneer researcher in Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) who co-authored in the mid 1990s Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, the leading textbook in the field. His research on AI covers a broad range of topics including machine learning, probabilistic reasoning, knowledge representation, planning and real-time decision making. He joined the faculty of the University of California at Berkeley in 1986 and is a Professor (and formerly Chair) of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences and holder of the Smith-Zadeh Chair in Engineering. Mr. Russell also served as Vice-Chair of the World Economic Forum’s Council on AI and Robotics, and he is a co-founder and Vice-President of Bayesian Logic, Inc., a data analysis start-up under contract with the United Nations Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization. Mr. Russell is also a member of the advisory boards of Varo Money, Inc., ReciTAL SAS, Planet Labs Inc., Faculty Science Ltd. and Semiotic Labs BV.

Mr. Russell is a recipient of the Presidential Young Investigator Award of the National Science Foundation, the IJCAI Computers and Thought Award, the World Technology Award (Policy category), the Mitchell Prize of the American Statistical Association and the International Society for Bayesian Analysis, the Feigenbaum Prize of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, the ACM Karlstrom Outstanding Educator Award, and the AAAI/EAAI Outstanding Educator Award. Mr. Russell holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with first-class honors in Physics from the University of Oxford and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford University. He is a Fellow of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence, the Association for Computing Machinery, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and an Honorary Fellow of Wadham College, Oxford.