Intact Foundation

The Intact Foundation is an integral part of our generosity value. Generosity — helping others, protecting the environment and making our communities more resilient — is one of the values that guides our work. We focus our generosity to help our communities in three areas where we can have the biggest impact.

Applying for funding

Ensuring communities are climate resilient: Through the Intact Adaptation Action Grants, Intact is helping communities adapt to the effects of climate change and protect people from floods, wildfires and extreme heat. The Intact Adaptation Action Grants application period is currently closed. For any inquiries about the Intact Adaptation Action Grants, please contact

Creating opportunities for children and families living in poverty: Through our Generosity in Action campaign, the Intact Foundation matches employees’ contributions to the United Way and directs those funds to local child poverty reduction initiatives. The Intact Foundation also funds UNICEF Canada’s One Youth Initiative, supporting the creation of a data-driven framework that measures and tracks how Canada is progressing towards the goal of becoming best place in the world to grow up in by 2030. For any inquiries about our child poverty reduction initiatives, please contact

Supporting our employees to help others: Through our Community Impact program, the Intact Foundation matches employee’s charitable donations dollar-for-dollar and donates $20 for every hour volunteered, to a maximum of $1,000 per employee per year. To learn more about the Community Impact program, please contact