Intact Foundation

The Intact Foundation is an integral part of our core value of being socially responsible. Since its inception in 2004, the Intact Foundation has donated over $31 million in charitable funding to over 1,400 organizations nationally.

Our Mandate

To ensure we continue to make an impact on some of the most pressing issues affecting Canada, the Intact Foundation has refined its investment strategy to focus on two main areas – child poverty and climate change adaptation.

Child Poverty

Putting children first, the Intact Foundation will proactively identify and work with United Way agencies nationally to help lift Canadian children out of poverty.

Like Intact, the United Way is committed to helping the communities where we live and work become safer, healthier and happier by helping people when they need it most. The Intact Foundation will direct a maximum of $1.5 million in employee matching to United Way agencies that support child poverty reduction programs across Canada.

Climate Change Adaptation

The Intact Foundation remains committed to drive climate change adaptation solutions and support charitable organizations that help Canadians understand the increasing impacts of climate change.

Apply for a Grant

The Intact Adaptation Action Grants window is now closed and will re-open in 2019.

For any inquiries, contact