Intact Foundation

The Intact Foundation is an integral part of our core value of being socially responsible. Since the Foundation's inception in 2003, approximately $4 million per year have been donated to support programs and initiatives that help make our communities a better place to work and live.

We invest in community programs run by registered charitable organizations in Canada that reflect our mandate and our two focus areas: at-risk youth and climate change adaptation.

Our mandate

At-risk youth: Initiatives that aim to foster vibrant communities in Canada are significant for us to recognize. We are proud to support programs that encourage independence and strength-of-mind of young people who need it most.

Climate change adaptation: Making our cities, communities and infrastructure resilient to extreme weather is more important than ever. We invest in programs that help Canadians adapt to the long-lasting effects of climate change.

Apply for a Grant

We appreciate the value and importance of every request that the Foundation receives. Our online application system allows community organizations to request program funding.

If your organization reflects one of our two focus areas, the Intact Foundation team would be happy to discuss your funding request and walk you through the application process. Please contact us at to set up a time.

Once you are ready to apply, please review the application instructions and complete the online form. Thank you for considering us as a donor for your program. We look forward to hearing from you.