Corporate Governance Principles

In establishing its governance practices, the Board of Directors of the Company has adopted principles, structures and processes to enable the Board of Directors to carry out its responsibilities more effectively and that are focused on the implementation, development and maintenance of a compliance and corporate governance mindset throughout the Company.

These principles, structures and processes include the following: the Company’s Code of Conduct “Living Our Values” that details our high ethical standards; the support of a dedicated Compliance team that follows legislative, regulatory and compliance and governance rules, trends and best practices and strives to maintain a high level of good governance and a compliance mindset across our companies; numerous policies and reporting mechanisms including Whistleblower procedures and Incident Reporting. The Compliance team includes an Ombudsman’s Office and a Privacy Office that provide services mainly to insureds who have queries in this regard or wish to file a complaint. The Company has also put in place strict policies on conflict of interest, disclosure of material information and insider trading.

By virtue of our Code of Conduct, the Company has endorsed high ethical and compliance principles to promote integrity, respect, excellence, social responsibility and customer driven actions. These principles shape the Company’s activities globally and apply to all of our employees, officers and directors. They include abiding by the law, respecting confidentiality, avoiding conflicts of interest, respect in the workplace, socially responsible actions, proper use of the Company’s resources and opportunities and sound market conduct, the whole based on the personal accountability of all employees, officers and directors. Together with related compliance programs, “Living Our Values” provides mechanisms to detect and deter wrongdoing and to encourage good corporate citizenship.