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Who We Are

Intact Ventures is focused on investing and partnering with companies that are redefining the property & casualty landscape with innovative business models and new technology.

Building relationships with ground-breaking companies will enable us to accelerate our learning, design smarter products, and leverage unique technology. In return, we will support the growth of these companies by providing them with access to our expertise and talent.

We want to ensure that we continue to lead in a fast-paced industry to serve the best interests of our customers, as well as our portfolio of companies and partners.

“At Intact Ventures, we are constantly preparing for the future. We are motivated by the belief that as the industry leader we have the potential to drive innovation and reshape the customer experience.” Karim Hirji, Senior Vice President, Intact Ventures

Our goal is to connect with companies that are defining

  • The future of transportation
  • How we leverage big data
  • How people interact with their homes, cars and their surroundings
  • Collaborative consumption within the sharing economy
  • Insurance technology, digital tools and alternative distribution models

The advantage of partnering with Intact Ventures

Launched in 2016, Intact Ventures Inc. is a strategic venture arm of Intact Financial Corporation – Canada’s largest provider of property and casualty insurance and a leading provider of specialty insurance in North America. Combined with Intact Financial Corporation’s financial capital, companies gain access to industry-leading professionals in the following areas:

  • Analytics & Pricing
  • Claims & Supply Chain Management
  • Digital & Customer Experience
  • Multi-Channel Distribution
  • Capital & Investment Structure

Our Partners

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Intact Ventures Contact

Karim Hirji
Senior Vice President, Intact Ventures

Justin Smith-Lorenzetti
Manager, Intact Ventures

Annie Que
Analyst, Intact Ventures