We’re giving $1 million to charities to protect our communities from climate change

Date 21 octobre 2019

We know natural disasters – such as floods, wildfires, extreme heat, wind and hail – are becoming more frequent and severe because of climate change. And they’re hurting our customers and communities.

From the fires in Fort McMurray that destroyed thousands of homes and buildings in 2016, to the spring floods in New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec that forced thousands from their homes this year, we see the real and lasting impacts of climate change on our customers.

But it’s not just the big catastrophic events that are the problem. Canadians are experiencing significant losses from a host of smaller natural disasters from coast to coast to coast.

Making communities more resilient is part of our purpose. One way we do this is by funding projects through the Intact Adaptation Action Grants. The projects help protect Canadians from natural disasters and build a more climate-resilient country.

Over the past two years, we have invested $2.3 million in 16 projects. Our current partners are protecting and restoring natural infrastructure, like wetlands and old-growth forests, to reduce flooding. They’re also planting trees and gardens in cities to reduce the effects of urban heat islands. And one of our partners at the University of Alberta is using artificial intelligence to better predict wildfires.

Now accepting applications

This year, we’re giving $1 million to charities that are developing practical and effective solutions that help protect our communities from floods, wildfires, extreme heat, wind and hail. The application window is open from October 22 to November 30. Click here to apply.

We know natural infrastructure, like wetlands and forests, are our best defense against natural disasters caused by climate change, so we’re prioritizing projects that include natural infrastructure as part of their solutions. We’ll also prioritize projects that take a community engagement approach and help Canadians understand the climate risks they’re facing.

Recognizing that making an impact requires innovation and a willingness to try new ideas, as well as expanding successful solutions, we’re looking to fund projects in one of three stages of development:

  • Fostering Ideas: These grants will help charities contribute to new solutions by giving them the time and resources they need to explore new ideas through research, peer support and/or skills development.
  • Testing Concepts: These grants will help charities test and validate an existing idea to confirm the impact of a concept.
  • Scaling Projects: These grants will help charities scale a proven concept to expand impact and reach.

If you have any questions, please email the Intact Foundation.

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