About the program

Our Municipal Climate Resiliency Grants Program funds practical solutions to protect people from the effects of climate change and build more resilient communities.

At Intact, we see resilient communities as being climate proof and economically thriving. To be climate proof, this means taking practical actions that build resilience to increasingly severe weather events. We build resilient communities by using our strengths, scale and resources to prevent these events from having a more significant impact.

We are doubling down and investing $2 million to support practical solutions that will help municipalities address extreme weather events, including floods and wildfires.

What we fund

Practical actions that build resilience

Municipalities are at the frontlines of protecting people from the impacts of flood and wildfire. We believe equipping them with solutions to address their risk - while also mobilizing residents in the process - is essential to build climate resilient communities.

We fund initiatives that implement proven adaptation solutions, including those identified by the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation at the University of Waterloo. Projects that protect the community at large or protect homeowners are our priority.

Projects should target communities that are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, have concrete indicators of success and have the potential to be scaled across the community. More details on targeted project scope will be available in September.


What types of projects do we fund?

The project scope can cover either the community or homeowner level. They should be focused on implementing proven climate adaptation solutions to help build the community’s resilience to the impacts of wildfires and floods – some examples below:

Flood resilience

Community Level

  • Developing a municipal flood risk management strategy using the Municipal Flood Risk Check-Up – Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation
  • Implementing nature-based solutions for stormwater management such as constructed wetlands, naturalized stormwater ponds and rain gardens
  • Creating or restoring naturalized spaces to replace impervious surfaces like paving or asphalt to soak up and store more water.

Homeowner Level

  • Offering new incentives or subsidies to homeowners, businesses, and vulnerable community members to install tools such as:
    • sump pumps
    • backwater valves
    • window well covers
    • downspout extensions
    • corrective grading
  • Creating an online portal for residents to obtain property-level flood risk information and adaptation measures
  • Offering a municipally subsidized home flood inspection program.

Wildfire resilience

Community Level

  • Deploying landscape and vegetation management techniques to create a community fire guard, such as:
    • Planting fire-resistant trees and drought-tolerant plants
    • Creating fuel-reduced buffer zones
    • Clearing vegetation to create firebreaks
    • Digging trenches to create fuel breaks
    • Implementing native or traditional fire management activities such as cultural burns
  • Delivering and implementing FireSmart training and solutions (e.g., FireSmart Wildfire-Ready Community)
  • Improving access to dependable water supply such as portable wildfire pumps and water tanks

Homeowner Level

Who can apply?

  • Canadian municipalities
  • CRA registered charities. Please note: NGO applicants must provide a letter of support from senior municipality representative.
  • Indigenous or public governing bodies - “qualified donee” (verify here)

When can I apply?

Application period will run from September 9, 2024 until January 31, 2025.

Who should I contact if I have any questions?

For specific questions on the granting please reach out to the Intact Foundation.

I am a previous grantee, am I eligible to reapply for a grant?

Yes, previous grantees can reapply for a new grant. The previous project must be successfully completed and the completion report must be submitted prior to the new submission.

Can a municipality/organization apply more than once for different projects and in different categories?

No, only one application per organization will be considered for an MCRG.

Can an organization apply on behalf of many municipalities or a regional government?

Yes, if the project impacts multiple municipalities, a singular organization can apply and include letters of support from the municipalities or region is represented.

My project is flood-related, is the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation’s Municipal Flood Risk Check-Up mandatory?

The completion of the check-up is not mandatory. However, priority will be given to applications who have successfully completed the Municipal Flood Risk Check-Up – Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation and articulated how their project addresses the results of the assessment.