Applying for a Grant

The Foundation provides donations and community investment funding only to registered charitable organizations in Canada. While we appreciate the value of every request that we receive we cannot support every project that is presented to us. For this reason we have carefully chosen two core focus areas where we feel our support can help to make a difference. There are also areas we tend not to support.

Apply for a Grant

Due to the large number of requests we receive, we have implemented an online system through which community organizations can request funding in the forms of donations, sponsorship or other methods of support. This online application process greatly improves our ability to respond to the hundreds of requests we receive each year. As well, it simplifies the application process for you, and provides all community groups with a fair review of their funding requests.

Once you have determined that your organization is suitable for funding, please review the detailed application instructions to find out how to complete the online form.

Thank you for considering us as a donor for your program. We look forward to reviewing your request!