About Intact Ventures

Intact Ventures is focused on investing and partnering with companies that are redefining the property & casualty insurance landscape through innovative business models and new technology.

Building relationships with ground-breaking companies enables us to accelerate our learning, design smarter products, and leverage unique technology. In return, we support the growth of these companies by providing them with capital and access to our expertise and talent.

We want to ensure that we continue to lead in a fast-paced industry to serve the best interests of our customers, as well as our portfolio of companies and partners.

Our Investment Areas


Investing in companies shaping the future of transportation, from now until full autonomy. We are investing in entrepreneurs focused on revolutionizing how people and things get from A to Z.

Data and Artificial Intelligence

Investing in companies that are producing or capturing novel data sets that can be used to power the development of world-leading Ai-based business models. We’re also investing in entrepreneurs that are using artificial intelligence in creative and disruptive ways.


Supporting companies developing cutting-edge and innovative models for the distribution of financial products that have top-tier user experience and that leverage new data points to best serve their customers.

Sharing of Assets, Expertise, and Risk

Exploring the innovative ways of sharing assets and risk that stand to revolutionize consumer profiles and alter the insurance value chain.