Our employees are making a difference every day. When extreme events or everyday accidents occur, our employees are there to help our customers make it through difficult times. When these situations arise, our employees are quickly able to provide the necessary resources to start them down the road of getting back to normal, and offer the reassurance they need to begin that journey.

Our employees are there for our customers every day, and in return we are committed to building a leading Canadian company that values people as its biggest strength.

Becoming an employer of choice:

  • Inspiring teams: We will make sure that employees are surrounded by a strong and diverse team that will inspire them. We are making a difference by recruiting and retaining a strong team of people who strive to be better and better at what they do.
  • Reputation, values and purpose: Our characteristics give us the unique ability to make people’s lives better. Because insurance isn’t about things. It’s about people.
  • Career and growth opportunities: We want our employees to do their best and flourish. This is why we offer a wide range of programs and tools, such as Career Planning, Exploration and Personal Development
  • Financial rewards and recognition: We are committed to rewarding successes through a comprehensive rewards program that also includes initiatives designed to contribute to employees’ personal needs.