Our core value of being a socially responsible organization speaks to our commitment to make the communities in which we operate happier and healthier, and encourage our employees to get involved in the philanthropic endeavours of their choice. The Intact Foundation donates to organizations that address climate change adaptation and improve the lives of at-risk youth.

At-risk youth

At any given time, 65,000 youth are homeless in Canada. Among them, 53% have experienced physical maltreatment, 33% have experienced sexual mistreatment, and more than half report emotional abuse or neglect. It is this group of disadvantaged young Canadians on which our efforts are focused. Our partnership with Raising the Roof is part of our commitment to youth at risk and an example of how we support the communities where we live and work.

Employee involvement:

We are truly committed to our employees’ community involvement and citizenship, and actively encourage them to contribute to society through a Team Volunteer Day. This popular program promotes teamwork, contributes to the vitality of our communities, impacts employee engagement and is aligned with our social responsibility principle of building strong and resilient communities where we live and work.

Employees across the country are also very dedicated to our annual United Way campaign. We support their efforts by matching their donations for a total of over 1 million dollars raised in 2014. Through Our Matching Program, employee donations of up to $500 per year can be matched and volunteer time of more than 40 hours per year is eligible for a grant of up to $500 to the charity of their choice.


We continue to invest in sponsorship activities that connect with Canadians in meaningful and relevant ways. We are proud to partner with organizations such as the Calgary Flames, Toronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadiens and Speed Skating Canada, who help us reach these objectives.

Through Speed Skating Canada, with whom we share a longstanding and successful partnership, we help local speed skating clubs develop their young athletes to become the next generation of Olympic hopefuls.